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Social Documentary

Fahrenheit, Fries, Fox, & Fairness: The New Political Documentary

Panel Discussion moderated by Center director Pat Aufderheide with Outfoxed director Robert Greenwald, Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock, Control Room editor Julia Bacha and Fahrenheit 9/11 producer Jeff Gibbs at the 2004 Aspen Film Festival.


Social Documentary, COMM 512.001

This is a course designed to familiarize students with audio-visual production for social action, including nonprofit, advocacy, institutional, and museum display. The assignments include analyzing case studies of successful work, mapping the economic and social environment for media, meeting professional media producers, and developing proposals.


Video Activism: History, Theory, Politics and Practice

This course examines the history of video activism beginning with the introduction of the porta pak in the late 1960's, the development of video collectives, activist and public access television and culminating in video's role in the WTO and the events preceding and following September 11th. Through readings, screenings and discussions, you will examine the blurring lines between art, documentary, journalism and activism. Topics include but are not limited to the infusion of identity politics (shifts created through feminist, queer and race theory), youth action in the 1990's, the act of recording as defense, movement from vérité to personal documentary, and issues of distribution.


Anne Lewis and "Creative Vision"

Anne Lewis is a remarkable social action filmmaker whose career is rooted in the challenge of making films about, with and for people whose voices are not usually heard in mainstream media. In 2004, as a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin, she was asked to describe her creative vision.


The Social Documentary: Bibliography, Radio-Television-Film 345

Compiled by Dr. Laura Stein, University of Texas at Austin, for her course The Social Documentary, this bibliography serves as a comprehensive reading guide for anyone interested in learning more about the genre.