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One Economy Corp increases access to technology and information in low-income communities

This week’s Public Media 2.0 showcase features One Economy Corporation, a global nonprofit that aims to increase access to technology and information for everyone, regardless of income. According to their website, One Economy helps to "bring broadband into the homes of low-income people, employ youth to train their community members to use technology effectively, and provide public-purpose media properties that offer a wealth of information on education, jobs, health care and other vital issues."Read more...

Reporting live from the Personal Democracy Forum

I'm live-tweeting today and tomorrow at the Personal Democracy Forum conference, a gathering of nearly 1000 technologists, politicos and government transparency geeks dedicated to examining how technology is changing politics. Follow me on twitter @beyondbroadcast.Read more...

Future of Public Media Session @ Silverdocs - watch now!

Below is the video of the Future of Public Media session from Silverdocs. Please watch, share, and comment! (The clips play in sequential order - when you reach the end of clip one, clip two will automatically start.)


Firefox Advancing Citizen Media Making

Firefox has just announced its release candidate of Firefox 3.5 for testing. Its new video features are impressive. With technology evolving at such a rapid speed, filmmaking continues to become more and more accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a flip camera. By the way, we just bought our very own HD flip camera yesterday for $200 but when we did a bit of pricing research we found ones for as cheap as $129. Read more...

How is Social Media Affecting Iran's Uprising

As we mentioned in our whitepaper Public Media 2.0, the face of public media is shifting from top down information dissemination to participatory engaging media. In the wake of the political demonstrations in Iran, social media is playing a lead role in organizing. Change.org's article Iran, Twitter and the Social Media Landscape offers a great overview of the specifics of this. While public media 2.0 developments are incredibly important to truly engaging democracy in our own country, it is even more compelling to watch this take place in Iran.