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What’s the Language of Interactive Documentary?

What is the language of interactive documentary? In an article just published by the Journal of Film and Video , I asked this question of several interactive docs available at MIT’s Open Documentary Lab, by looking at their navigation systems. Read more...

Online Takedowns: Consider Fair Use, says Court

A seven-year-old court case brought by an angry mom may make overzealous copyright holders think twice about Internet takedowns.

In denying requests for a summary judgment and allowing the case to proceed, an appeals court clearly asserted that “copyright holders cannot shirk their duty to consider—in good faith and prior to sending a takedown notification—whether allegedly infringing material constitutes fair use.” If they don’t consider fair use, and not just by paying “lip service” to it, they can be sued.Read more...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Images of Copyrighted Work

PaintingDear CMSI,

I found an acceptable-quality copy of the public-domain painting I need to illustrate a point in my new book. The same image is available from a museum, but the museum would charge me a permissions fee. Can I just use the copy I found for my book? Read more...

Visual Arts Fair Use Code Gains Endorsement

Another major organization has endorsed the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts: The Visual Resources Association (VRA), whose members manage image collections in higher education, museums and archives. 

The prestigious professional association was an early supporter of fair use in the visual arts, with guidelines on using images in teaching and research. Now, it will collaborate with the College Art Association to promote the Code, which CMSI helped to create. Read more...

How Participatory Filmmaking Saved My Career

Filmmaker Bryan Bello rides the metro with Director Levester Green. Photo courtesy of Bryan Bello.That Sunday morning began as all the others, with a rest on the Red Line. Real, uninterrupted rest - well, relatively uninterrupted. The winter walks to the metro from the McDonalds where Levester and I sought refuge between hours of rail operation, always presented the illusion of coming rest.

But no more than thirty minutes into the ride - the distance from Shady Grove to the American University stop where we first met - an all too familiar cold crept into my bones. Metro kept the cars cool to deter us, and others like us, from actively hunting shuteye on their grounds.

When I say “us” I should say, “him.” Levester is actually without housing. I’m just a filmmaker (a student filmmaker at the time) with a rented apartment, who chose to spend his winter weekends on the streets in pursuit of some direct-cinema pipe dream.Read more...