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Museums Put Fair Use to Work

At the Houston Cinema Arts Film Festival, fair use was celebrated as a powerful tool for the arts. Indeed, museum practice is already changing, as a result of the creation of the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual ArtsRead more...

“The enrichment of public knowledge:” What Fair Use is All About, per Judge Leval

When Judge Pierre Leval gave the 4th Peter Jaszi Distinguished Lecture on Intellectual Property at the Washington College of Law, he made it clear: fair use is grounded in copyright’s core value of enrichment of public knowledge.  Read more...

“This is the Remix:” Perspectives on Configurable Culture

In the November 3 session of American University's School of Communication Faculty Forum Dr. Aram Sinnreich discussed the idea of Configurable Culture in his presentation “Ethics Evolved: An International Perspective on Copying in the Networked Age”. Configurable Culture, a term coined by Dr. Sinnreich, is a set of cultural forms and practices that allow people to manipulate cultural information in a new way.

Dr. Aram Sinnreich

Examples include mashups, memes, and machinima. Each time people enjoy memes featuring Lipton Tea and Kermit the Frog or listen to The Grey Album, they are consuming configurable culture. Read more...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Photos for Art Installation

Dear CMSI, 

As an artist, I want to use photos of models, including the famous ‘60s model Twiggy, to explore our definitions of feminine beauty, in an installation. Do I need to license the images? Should I stick to images of models who are not well known? I’m pulling stuff off the Internet.Read more...