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Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction

Center Director Pat Aufderheide's new book, Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction is now available! Hear what others are saying:


    "This is the first book about documentary I've encountered that tackles its identity, history, evolution, and major controversies enjoyably and in brief. I marvel at how much ground Pat Aufderheide covers and the clarity she brings to documentary's many functions, paradoxes, and contradictions. Maybe religion alone has more."

    -- Michael Rabiger, author Directing the Documentary

    "A vivid survey, Aufderheide's book reminds us how crucial content and purpose are to the power and appeal of documentaries. When other films help us escape the world, these films return us to it with clarity and passion. This book lets us see how that is so."

    -- Bill Nichols, author of Introduction to Documentary, Professor of Cinema and Director of the Graduate Program, San Francisco State University


Documentary Film is available at amazon.com


Read an Excerpt: